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North St. Bags Flanders Backpack review

As far as features go, the Flanders is fairly minimal. There are two zippered front pockets, two side pockets that could easily fit a large water bottle, and an internal laptop sleeve. The main compartment opening is a roll-top and held shut with a … #laptopbackpack


Hands-on: Incase Drone Pro Pack can replace both your drone case and MacBook backpack

Drone Pro Pack is a bit taller and heftier than your typical laptop bag since Phantom series drones aren’t super compact, but the amount of padding and adjustability makes it a comfortable backpack even while hiking or outdoor cycling. A buckle … #laptopbackpack

Wowbox Leather Vintage Messenger Bag Review

Whether you are a businessman, photographer or student, you have to carry around quite a lot of electronics, notebooks and general items of modern life. But you can still look good while doing it. A bag with enough space, a nice vintage look and good functionality is an essential part to getting through your day without too much hassle. But what bag will do this for you? In this review we take a look…